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Foundation Power Pair Set



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Foundation Power Pair Set
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Get the ultimate foundation power pair at a super-limited value! Choose your shade of Lock-It Foundation and get the Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush at an exclusive price—because it’s always better with the brush.

Lock-It Foundation gives you all the coverage you need to rock a flawless matte-not-flat canvas that stays waterproof, fade-proof, and transfer-resistant for 24 hours, no touch-ups necessary. This unique formula delivers flexible full coverage—all you have to do is adjust the amount of foundation you use to quickly and easily achieve your perfect finish, whether it’s natural medium-to-full coverage, or a flawless full-coverage finish.

With a high-pigment foundation such as Lock-It, a little goes a long way. Just 1 pea-size droplet provides natural medium-to-full coverage with 24-hour wear. Need to cover redness, blemishes or discoloration? Simply add another droplet and build lightly to create a flawless full-coverage finish. For perfect precision and seamless blending, apply with the Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush.

Designed with high-performance formulas such as Lock-It in mind, the Edge Foundation Brush brings out the best in Lock-It Foundation for optimal coverage, wear and finish. The brush head features a unique sculpted shape that conforms to the curves and contours of your face. With perfectly symmetrical tapered bristles (cruelty-free synthetic of course!), and consistent density throughout the head, this brush reaches every nook and cranny, from every angle, for 360 degrees of the most amazing blending ever.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Did ya know?

For super-fast and easy application:
- Dispense a small amount of Lock-It Foundation on the back of your hand (use 1 pea-size droplet for medium coverage and 2 pea-size droplets for full coverage).
- Pick up with the Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush.
- Dab in the center of your face and blend outward.

ARTISTRY TIP: Bounce a damp makeup sponge over skin for a natural finish.

Make sure your skin is prepped, smoothed and well-hydrated before applying Lock-It Foundation. For best results, start with Lock-It Hydrating Primer.

A little goes a long way! 2 droplets of Lock-It Foundation is the most you’ll need for flawless full coverage.

Kat Von D used an antique wax seal as the inspiration for the Lock-It Collection design.

The Edge Foundation Brush was made for use with Lock-It Foundation!

For best results, wash bristles after each use.


- This brush works well for cream contouring. The sculpted shape effortlessly hugs the curves of the face for a seamless application. Use the Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush to contour larger areas, such as sculpting cheekbones, and the Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush for smaller areas, such as the nose.

- The brush's long tapered handle performs double duty as a mixing spatula. Dispense your shades on the back of your hand or a palette and swirl together with the handle. This technique is perfect for on-the-go artists who need to travel light.

- Use the brush handle as a line guide for your Kat Eye. Hold it along the outer eye to get the perfect angle before creating your wing with Tattoo Liner.


“I’ve teamed up with my KvD Artistry Collective artists to create the most effective brush formations, using the highest grade synthetic fibers that mimic the same product distribution you would get from animal-based bristles.” –Kat Von D