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Tara Buenrostro

Driven by her limitless creativity, profound artistic skill and proclivity for teaching, Tara has spent 13 years working in an extensive range of capacities. Whether she’s behind-the-scenes at photo and video shoots, leading artistry teams at premier cosmetic brands, filming her own tutorials, consulting with bridal clients or teaching, Tara inspires everyone she meets to explore their own self-expression through beauty.

Tara’s Signature Skill: Vibrant, textural graffiti-art inspired looks.

Tara’s Inspiration: “I find inspiration in everything from graffiti art and texture, to nature and emotions. As for fellow artists I admire, Alex Box, Linda Hallberg, and of course the girls in the Kat Von D Beauty Artistry Collective and Kat herself have all challenged me to be better—as a creator, educator and human being.”

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